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Snapping point:

  When the Fever Breaks



Schomburg Junior Scholar

visual arts exhibition


Snapping point

Created in the midst of troubling times, the 2020 Schomburg Junior Scholars Visual Arts group has crafted an exhibition* that expresses the isolation, grief, anger, and humor students felt at this moment. The exhibition, Snapping Point, reflects the courage and majesty of our Scholar-artists as they navigate the new realities of COVID and the old realities of anti-Blackness and the assault on Black Bodies. Our year started with reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told to Alex Haley. Little did we know how the words of Malcolm would comfort us in the days to come. The famous quote "by any means necessary" describes the legacy these images will leave behind for future generations. 

M. Scott Johnson, Visual Artist & Program Instructor

*Content Warning:  Some materials in this exhibition include potentially triggering or emotionally challenging. graphic images of lynchings.

 Black people know joy,

just as we know all this pain.

We always find sun.

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art wok77 copy.png

“All humor is rooted in pain.”

 – Richard Pryor

The torture of being the unseen object, and the constantly observed subject

-Amiri Baraka