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By Any Means Necessary


presented by

The Schomburg Center

Junior Scholars

The Research Junior Scholars searched, within the news and the current events of the COVID-19 pandemic, for a theme that could serve as a metaphor for the struggles of Black folks in this country. The theme we settled on is “Invisible Enemies,” which describes the pathogens of the COVID-19 era: not just biological viruses, but social and political ones as well. The truth is that only a trained eye can understand what a particular pathogen looks like, even when looking at it under a microscope. We believe these Invisible Enemies exist in the struggles of Black Lives throughout our history within this country, and, working together, we put them under the microscope to examine the pathology of our society. The slideshows* and song below are an exploration of these Invisible Enemies and social viruses we see and hear in our everyday lives. These are racist systems, policies, and beliefs that aren't always discussed with young people. They are micro- and macro-aggression. We call them "The Virus." We believe the only way to fight social viruses is with the most appropriate questions for "The Diagnosis" which will lead to the most effective treatment or "The Vaccine." 

- Marcus Del Valle, Instructor

*Content Warning:  Some materials in the slideshows include potentially triggering or emotionally challenging graphic images and discussions of police brutality, chattel slavery, lynchings, and violence.